We would like you to tell us how you feel about your school dinners. We want to know if we can make them better for you and if you don't have school dinners tell us why not. Please complete this survey with your parent/carer by 25th May 2018.
Pupils please can you tell us what you think about your school dinners
Always 😊Sometimes 😐Never 😞
Are the meals tasty?
Do you have enough time to eat your meal?
Is there enough choice on the menu?
When you eat a school dinner do you eat the vegetables?
When you eat a school dinner do you feel full up?
Do you eat all of your dinner?
Parents/Carers tell us in this next section what you think about your child's school dinner. This part of the survey is to be completed by the child's parent/carer.
Very satisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedDon't know
The cost of food
The overall provison of school dinners
The menu choices
Feedback from your child regarding school dinners
Thank you for completing this survey.